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Post-workshop publication

We are preparing a post-workshop special issue of the journal Pure Mathematics and Applications and are requesting contributions, in the form of either
  • full papers and tutorials; or
  • extended abstracts of talks at the workshops.
Please prepare your material in the standard LaTeX article document class and e-mail it to camef @ (after removing the spaces from the address).


This is the homepage for two workshops, on the topic Computers and Algorithms in Mathematical Economics and Finance (CAMEF, in Hungarian: Algoritmusok és számítógépek a Pénzügyekben és a Matematikai közgazdaságtanban), funded under the Hungarian-SA intergovernmental S&T programme (NRF UID: 62110) and held in Budapest and Pretoria in January 2008 and November 2007, respectively. Participation to either workshop was free to invited academics and students. The main organisers were

The aim of the workshops was to

  • stimulate individual and joint research,
  • involve graduate students in and expose them to new research areas,
  • include training in the use of appropriate software tools and techniques, and to
  • disseminate recent research findings.

The main topics wwew be

  1. Algorithms for Social Choice (speakers: Swanepoel, Mála);
  2. Computability in Economic Theory (speakers: Potgieter, Magyarkúti, Fouché, Brattka, Spreen);
  3. Algorithmic Mechanism Design (speakers: Tasnádi);
  4. Applications in Game Theory (speakers: Pintér);
  5. Viability and Control Theory (speakers: Tallos, Kánnai); and
  6. Topics in Finance (speakers: Medvegyev, Swart, Gumbo, Potgieter).

Session on software tools for economics and finance, with a particular emphasis on open source tools, also took place.